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Whew!! The “home stretch” I guess you could say, is over! My holiday shopping deadline was yesterday and it felt great packaging up those orders! This holiday season has been incredibly amazing. When I look back and see all of the support everyone has given to Salem Style, I get so emotional. This little dream of mine is about to turn 3 next week and I can’t believe it.

I was speaking with my Grandma on the phone yesterday and she said, “I am so proud of you. I can’t believe how much this has grown. And you stuck with it!” My grandma is an incredibly important part of my life and hearing her say that made me realize that this is real. Salem Style is a real thing. More people follow Salem Style on Instagram than people I actually know in real life. And it’s an amazing feeling to be connected with new friends. Even when someone comments saying “beautiful scarf” or “omg I love it!”, that makes my day in a way you don’t even know.

Let’s be serious, Salem Style isn’t about me, it’s about all of you. It’s about giving you the warm fuzzy feeling and having fun.

You are all amazing and I cannot thank you enough <3

Cozy Style :: Janee

IMG_9582IMG_9584Welcome to this season’s newest segment called Cozy Style. This winter season I will be showcasing how bloggers keep cozy in style.

Janee of Yellow Bird Yellow Beard keeps warm during the winter with a cozy cowl scarf and tall boots. Janee is taking on the frigid New England weather by bundling up with warm and stylish accessories. I love that her beautiful patterned coat stands out with the contrast of her chic black accessories. Her cowl scarf looks perfect for braving the elements and being snuggly!

Check out the links below for more details of her outfit!IMG_9583

Hat:::  {last year}
Black Ring:::

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Thank you Janee! <3

It’s The Busy Season

IMG_9531Happy Friday!


I cannot get over how fast this holiday season is flying by! The shop has been incredibly busy and I have been crocheting my fingers off to attempt to keep up. If you have been following Salem Style on Instagram, you can see I pretty much have a new project every day! I am selling out of a lot of my items and I have began thinking that I am going to take time after the busy season to design some new items. A few more weeks to go!


Have a great weekend :)

Cozy Style :: Dariel

Dariel2 Dariel3 Dariel4 Dariel5 Dariel6 Dariel7

Welcome to another edition of Cozy Style. This winter season I will be showcasing how bloggers keep cozy in style.

Dariel of A Daily Dose of Vitamin D, keeps tall boots, layers, and a cute hat. Pairing the dress with long sleeves is a great transition to bring your closet into the colder season. Dariel uses inspiration from French fashion for this look, complete with beret. (Bonus points to Dariel for rocking her Salem Style hat!)  Check out her blog for more details of her outfit!


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Thank you Dariel! <3

Cozy Style :: Amy

amy1 amy2 amy3 amy4 amy5
Welcome to this season’s newest segment called Cozy Style. This winter season I will be showcasing how bloggers keep cozy in style.

Amy of Cupcakes & Couture keeps warm during the winter with cozy faux fur and tall boots. Amy knows how to be cozy and adds feminine accessories to elevate her outfit to cozy sophistication. What a great look for staying warm and snuggly on the go! Check out her blog for more details of her outfit!

If you’re looking for a gift that glitters and sparkles, look no further. Amy also makes glitter stemmed glassware in her Etsy shop. She makes all the glasses to order, so you can pick the color and style of glass.

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Thank you Amy! <3

Shop Small :: 16 Etsy Shops to Add to Your List


As you know by now, I am a big supporter of local shops and handmade businesses. This Friday and through the weekend, millions of shoppers will be purchasing gifts and checking items off their lists. I wanted to share some great Etsy stores to check out this weekend too!

 Blush Bazaar

H. Nichols Illustration


 posh and prep

Pearls and Pastries

Cupcakes & Couture

Shop Holly Dolly

 Preppy Pink Shop 

 Wave of Life

Color My World Crochet


30% Off until 12/1 with code HANDMADE30

mountain girl soap

Witch City Wicks


  Sunnys Gift Shop

Bucktoothed Bunny


I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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10 Tips for Shopping on Etsy

Here is a beginners guide for shopping on Etsy with tips for improving your experience.

10 tips for shopping on etsy

As an Etsy seller, I often forget that not everyone is used to using Etsy. I tell people it’s like eBay for handmade and vintage sellers, but without the bidding. But really when I say that, it doesn’t do the site justice. Etsy is a wonderful platform that helps crafters and artisans connect with each other as well as give them the ability to sell to anyone in the world. You can find some of the nose amazing items with higher quality and care that you will ever find in a store.

Tip 1: Register for an account. Choose a username and password and get shopping. You will need an account to make a purchase, so might as well make one. Also with an account, you can add favorite items, shops, and “follow” other users to see what their picks are (kind of like Pinterest).


Tip 2: Use the search bar and be specific. If you are looking for a nice pair of handmade gray gloves to go with your new coat, don’t just search “gloves”. You will have to go through so many listings. Etsy has a smart search engine so be specific like “women’s gray gloves” and then toggle the filters in your search results.


Tip 3: Read the item description. Make sure you read what the seller is saying. This is where they will list what the item is, how big it is, what its made out of, etc. Say you are still searching for those gray gloves. Make sure it’s not a pattern to make Knit Gloves that happens to use a pair of gray gloves as a picture.

Tip 4: If it’s a made to order or custom item, make sure to communicate what you want. Also be sure if it’s a made to order item, you can see the approximate turn around time. This is also where the seller might display multiple colors of gloves with a note “choose color in note to seller” meaning you would write “gray gloves”

Tip 5: Check out the entire shop. The banner at the top of the shop page has announcements. Sometimes sellers will have a coupon code, or important shipping information.


Tip 6: Read the shop policies. This link can be found on the left hand side of the shop screen. This is where a seller will list their payment policies, shipping, return policy, and any other important information. These are things you will want to know to be an informed buyer. As an added bonus, read the About Page and Reviews. You can really get a better feel of the shop as well as see what past customers have said.

Tip 7: Contact the seller. These shops are all ran by real people. If you want to know more information about the shop or item, just ask! Sellers are usually very friendly and informative.

gift guide

Tip 8: Use Etsy’s gift guides. Etsy curates collections of unique gift ideas based on price and recipient. I have found some great ideas this way. It helps give you some inspiration or a starting point for your search.

Tip 9: Shop early for the holidays. Etsy sellers usually have earlier cut off deadlines for holiday orders. Be sure you can see their holiday deadlines to give yourself plenty of time to order.

Tip 10: Contact etsy. If you feel uncomfortable or see anything suspicious, don’t be afraid to reach out to Etsy Support. If the seller won’t respond to you ever and you have a big concern, let Etsy know.

So there you have it! I hope these tips have made your Etsy holiday shopping easier!

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Cozy Inspiration :: Grab A Cup

cozy cup

Happy Friday!

It’s currently below freezing in the Boston area! I know we are fortunate not to be under massive amounts of snow like in upstate New York, but still! This weekend is a weekend for the cozy. Grab a cup of something hot and melt into your favorite spot. You deserve it.

I will be working on a lot of new scarves for the shop, and planning my Black Friday Weekend Sale.

sweater and cupcabin cupshandsespressowhite bedwrite sip thinkred cup


Enjoy your weekend and keep warm and cozy :)

2014 Holiday Shipping Information

holiday shipping deadline

The holidays are fast approaching! I wanted to make sure everyone knew when to order by for Salem Style holiday purchases. These deadlines are based off of the USPS First Class mail. These dates are suggestions to order by for delivery by December 25th. I cannot guarantee delivery by this day, but using these guidelines will increase your chances of receiving the package in a timely manner.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at


Thank you for supporting Salem Style and shopping handmade!!

10 Essentials for Air Travel

10 Essentials For Air Travel

Traveling can be incredibly stressful. You constantly check to make sure you packed everything and then the rest is usually out of your control.

(This list is inspired about a long weekend trip that is going to happen in oh a few hours from now…)

Here are some ideas for essentials to make your travel more comfortable and cozy.

1. Socks. This one might not seem obvious, but there is nothing more grimy than having to be barefoot on the airport floor.

2. External Phone Battery Charger. Because you don’t want to be plugged into a random outlet at the airport, make sure you charge your phone and if you can keep one of these handy.

3. Headphones. Whether you are a lucky duck and your plane has TVs, or if you’re using your own device. Headphones are a must. Bonus points because they cancel out the baby screaming in 14E.

4. Mints/Gum. Between the pressure and the dry air in the cabin, you will want to have mints or gum on hand.

5. An Adorable Sleep Mask. Because if you have one of those cute sleep masks you need to flaunt it.

6. Magazines/Books. Like real ones. I’m a big believer in turning pages and no flight attendant tells you to turn your (actual) book off.

7. A Cozy Sweater / Sweatshirt. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying to warmer climates, that plane is going to be cold. Just bring one. You’ll thank me.

8. Advil/ or whatever. Again with the change of pressure and just the environment of the plane, make sure your meds are on you. Especially if you get motion sickness, because you never know if the flight will be bumpy.

9. Water Bottle. Bring it empty and fill it up after security. Hydration is key.

10. And because I’m writing this list: Yarn!! Or if you’re not a yarn enthusiast, maybe a different project. But yea I’m the one with he metal crochet hooks that makes the metal detector freak out.


Bon Voyage :)