Cozy Inspiration :: Fuzzy Socks

Anytime I want to instantly feel cozy, I grab a pair of the softest and fluffiest socks I can possibly find. Having my feet all snuggly and warm definitely brings comfort and helps me relax after a long day. I feel like I can wear shorts in my home in the middle of winter as long as I have my fuzzy socks on. Here are some fuzzy socks to warm up your Friday. icy blue fuzzy socksknit ribbed sockscable knit sockscozy sock couple

socks by the fire

coral cozy socks

knit socks in bed

socks and puppy



Have a cozy weekend!!!

New Pompom Beanies

Taupe Pompom Beanie Hat - Salem Style

Black Pompom Beanie Hat - Salem Style

Gray Pompom Beanie Hat- Salem StyleThis new year I have been so inspired to make new accessories. Not only is the fresh start an inspiration, the zero degree weather has definitely helped too! So here’s a sneak peek! These beanies are currently in the shop, and there are more colors to come! :)

Pompom Beanie Hats - Salem Style

Five Instagram Accounts I’m Heart-ing Right Now

So let’s face it, I am beyond obsessed with Instagram. I’m a completely visual person and I love that Instagram lets you say a lot, with little words. My friends know that I’m insane with the app, and that when I’m “double tapping” I’m spreading hearts everywhere. We love to find new accounts, or at least new to us, and share the great feeds we have found. These are five Instagram accounts that I can’t heart enough right now.











Have a great weekend <3

All You Need Is Love

All You Need is Love :: #salemstyleAll You Need is Love :: #salemstyleAll You Need is Love :: #salemstyleAll You Need is Love :: #salemstyle
It was 18 degrees in Salem yesterday. Feels like a warm front after 0 degrees last week! Last week called for dressing for warmth. I wore fleece leggings under my work pants every day, and it was the best decision ever!

So I have been trying to think of more casual ways to wear these Tory Burch Glitter Flats. I’ve had these shoes for a few years, and I think they’re magical. Seriously. So I am an incredibly shy person and I’m very anxious. I often shy away at big events or get nervous and leave. I love these flats because they’re an amazing ice breaker. I am constantly trying small ways to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I know I’ve come a long way, but I have a lot to work on. These shoes are loud and they say what I’m scared to. They say “come say hi!!!” and make it tough to hide. And the best part, is people do come say hi! Confidence definitely comes from within, but having a little boost helps :)

Do you have a go to accessory that makes you step outside of your comfort zone?

All You Need is Love :: #salemstyle

Top :: Express

Leggings :: Maison Jules

Shoes :: Tory Burch

Sweater :: Aqua

Necklace :: Charming Charlie

Tory Burch Pink Glitter Flats

Cozy Inspiration :: Snuggly Cats

For this edition of cozy inspiration, I wanted to include a group that would be experts in being cozy. I know my cat, Holly, is always curled up in a little ball and purring. Here are some snuggly kitties to give you the warm fuzzies. And for all you who are also cat obsessed, you’re welcome ;)










Have a cozy weekend!

Cozy in Romeo + Juliet Couture

IMG_2205IMG_2183 IMG_2184 IMG_2186 IMG_2187 copy IMG_2189 IMG_2193 IMG_2195

Hi! I hope everyone is having a great 2015 so far! This past weekend has been incredibly refreshing. The time off around Christmas always feels incredibly busy and rushed, but around New Years it’s always rejuvenating. I am in the works of designing some new items for the Etsy shop, and just taking it easy. I found this sweater on Hautelook and I was instantly obsessed. I love the black and burgundy combo and how incredibly cozy it is. It’s the perfect sweater to transition my Savas Studios tank to colder weather.


Top :: Savas Studios

Leggings :: Candies

Boots :: DV Dolce Vita

Sweater :: Romeo + Juliet Couture

Bag :: Marc by Marc Jabocs

Beanie :: Salem Style


Turning Three :: A Look Back on 2014


I often think that it was incredibly silly to start a business right in-between Christmas and New Years. The shopping season is basically finished and the first sale opportunity was slim.  Now that we are three, (yes “we”, because Salem Style is another being), I think this was the best time to start. Having a business anniversary and the turn of the year at the same time is incredibly fitting, not to mention the accounting matches up to the calendar year perfectly. But more importantly, this is the time where people reflect on the past year, and set goals for the new year to come.

This past year has been fantastic. It started off shaky. Really shaky. The 2013 holiday season did not being what I thought it would in the shop, and the blog was basically non-existent. I was stuck in a 7 day a week job at a car dealership that I absolutely hated.  It only took until February to turn it all around. I started a new job in Boston (which I LOVE!) and I earned back the time to focus on Salem Style.

I am not going to go on and on and on, but one thing that has been amazing this past year is you. The interactions on social media and constant support and ideas have been wonderful.

This holiday season has set many new records for Salem Style, and I am overwhelmed and overjoyed. It has given me the confidence to continue and know that I can not only reach goals that I set, I can surpass them. Time to set some goals.

Cheers to leaving a great year behind and discovering a new year ahead.

Thanks for making me feel like a #GIRLBOSS


<3 Lianna

Cozy Style :: Linda

Welcome to the newest edition of Cozy Style. This winter season I will be showcasing how bloggers keep cozy in style. This week is Linda from Trendy on a Budget:: 


Hi Salem Style readers! My name is Linda, a fellow Boston blogger over at Trendy On A Budget. Today, I’d like to share with you my cozy style. Now that the cold weather has decided to stay, I am all about fuzzy/oversized/printed knits. When layered with other pieces, it is the perfect defense against the chilly New England weather. Here’s a round-up of my fave cozy pieces!

Fuzzy PlaidFuzzy Plaid

Flanel x PlayFlannel x Play

Oversized Oversized

Find and Follow Linda Here::

Trendy On A Budget Blog





Thank you Linda! <3

Comfy in Free People

IMG_2166IMG_2153 IMG_2155 IMG_2162 IMG_2167
Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! The craziness in the Etsy shop started to wind down and let me take a much needed break. It was great being able to see family and have a fairly stress free holiday. If you follow along on social media, you might have seen that yesterday was Salem Style’s third birthday! And yes I call it a birthday! I have a lot of feelings about all of this turning 3, but the biggest one is pride. More to come about that later. This outfit is what I would call “post holiday errands” at it’s finest. My mom bought me this top and I’m obsessed. It’s incredibly soft and feels like wearing pjs. Where did this outfit go? Market Basket. We needed more in the house than just cookies! IMG_2154

Top :: Free People

Jeans :: Vigoss (similar)

Boots :: G by Guess

Beanie :: Salem Style

Earrings :: Gift from my Mom :)

Thoughts for Friday


Whew!! The “home stretch” I guess you could say, is over! My holiday shopping deadline was yesterday and it felt great packaging up those orders! This holiday season has been incredibly amazing. When I look back and see all of the support everyone has given to Salem Style, I get so emotional. This little dream of mine is about to turn 3 next week and I can’t believe it.

I was speaking with my Grandma on the phone yesterday and she said, “I am so proud of you. I can’t believe how much this has grown. And you stuck with it!” My grandma is an incredibly important part of my life and hearing her say that made me realize that this is real. Salem Style is a real thing. More people follow Salem Style on Instagram than people I actually know in real life. And it’s an amazing feeling to be connected with new friends. Even when someone comments saying “beautiful scarf” or “omg I love it!”, that makes my day in a way you don’t even know.

Let’s be serious, Salem Style isn’t about me, it’s about all of you. It’s about giving you the warm fuzzy feeling and having fun.

You are all amazing and I cannot thank you enough <3