Walking on Clouds

IMG_6527How is your week going? Mine is a little crazy busy, but that’s how it goes! The weekends are spent house hunting, which provides little relief from the week.

I was glad that the weather was a little bit chilly so I could wear my new hat I bought at Kayte’s Free People event. I love this style of hat, but didn’t think I could pull it off. Well being around a group of enablers friends, I decided to go for it. Avoiding a hat seems so silly now. I also scored this cute T in the juniors department at TJ Maxx. I love the message of it. I know it’s just s juniors department graphic shirt, but the idea of being at peace with yourself allowing you to love others seemed deep. Am I thinking too far into this? Most likely, yes.

IMG_6514These little flats from Fit In Clouds are awesome. I wore them all day house hunting last Saturday and I’ve been wearing them when I commute to and from North Station (about a mile walk each way). They’re so much better than the sneaker alternative and the fold and fit right into a little bag that you can pop in your purse. I especially love the “ahhhh” feeling I get when I slip them on after being in heels all day.


Hat :: Free People

Shirt :: TJ Maxx

Sweater :: Aqua

Jeans :: Rock and Republic

Purse :: Tory Burch

Shoes :: c/o Fit In Clouds

Breathe in Peace, Breathe out Love


Podcast Spotlight :: Brilliant Business Moms


Podcasts are an unbelievable source of inspiration and information. I keep finding podcasts that I cannot wait to listen to. I get really excited when I see the little red notification that there is a new episode. Today’s Podcast Spotlight is on the Brilliant Business Moms.

Brilliant Business Moms is a podcast created and hosted by Sarah Korhnak and Beth Anne Schwamberger. Sarah and Beth Anne are sisters who are both mothers and entrepreneurs.


Sarah and Beth Anne share their own business experiences and  interviews of other “mompreneurs” as well. Brilliant Business Moms is a friendly podcast that makes intimidating business topics more approachable. Some of the topics are but not limited to: branding, SEO, strategy, and Instagram marketing. I love that everyone is willing to share what works and what doesn’t work for them in their businesses. Each episode is packed with great and relevant information that is honest.

At first I saw the title and thought that the podcast wasn’t for me since I am not a mom. I’m glad I gave it a chance, because the lessons and messages from the moms and their guests can be applied to more than just motherhood. The schedule the moms works around mimics my schedule with balancing a full time job. I can relate with having to work on my business in the morning, during my lunch break (or a child’s nap) and at night when I get home.


Check out the Brilliant Business Moms and “head out there and be brilliant”.

Lessons I’ve Learned :: Bookkeeping Tips

 When I first started Salem Style, I knew that there would be some business-y things I would have to do, but I had no idea how much it would really be. I was treating my business like a hobby. I thought if I just sort of kept track of money I spent and earned it would be enough. I was wrong. At the end of my first full year in business I noticed that my little spreadsheet did not add up to what I actually had in my account. Going back through 12 months of transactions was tedious and frustrating. I knew that my bookkeeping needed a makeover and this is my advice:

Categorize your expenses

It’s not just sales and purchases. What are you material costs? Shipping costs? Packaging supplies costs? Etsy fees? Transaction fees? Did you collect sales tax? Did you track miles for any events? These are all key categories to keep track of and will make tax time a lot easier. I was able to figure out I was losing a lot with supplies and shipping supply costs. It helped me decide to see alternative products.

Get a separate account for your business

Originally I was just using a PayPal account to keep everything separate. But then when Etsy rolled out Direct Checkout, I wasn’t sure what to do. I linked my personal bank account at first and found out that it was very confusing. I applied for a separate bank account at a local credit union and collect all income and process transactions through that account.

Track sales and expenses regularly

And I mean at least once a month. Make keeping track of your books a good habit. If you are in a busy time, try and track expenses once a week. I know during crunch time it can be the last thing that you are thinking about with processing and shipping out orders, but keeping track of where you stand will help in the long run. Plus, it will take less time the more often you keep track. I have often found that my missed transactions and expenses occur during the beginning of December.

Find a great software

All of this can be made easier with a great software what keeps track of all of the cash inflows and outflows for you. This will especially help if you are planning on doing offline sales, or using your own e-commerce platform. A cloud based platform seems like a great option because you can access your information from any device. With FreshBooks, you can keep track of invoices and expenses to keep better track of your cash flow. One great benefit is if you are invoicing something, it will let you know when your customer has viewed the invoice, so you can be sure that they got it. Sign up today for a 30 day free trial!

I hope this tips have helped give you a fresh look on bookkeeping for your creative business.

This post was a collaboration with FreshBooks. All opinions expressed are my own. Post contains affiliate links. 


I Got It From My Mama


No seriously. This skirt? I got it from my mama. My mom is fantastic with the sewing machine and makes lots of clothes. I was incredibly excited when she said she would make me a maxi skirt! I even had the chance to pick out the fabric myself. This skirt is incredibly soft and comfortable and it is so special because me mom made it just for me.IMG_6272I tend to wear a lot of black, so I love that this skirt is black but with a pattern. I wanted to keep it simple with a black top and layered necklace. It also makes the aquamarine bag really pop!


Glasses :: Warby Parker

Necklace :: Macys

Shirt :: Banana Republic

Skirt :: my mom :)

Bag :: Tory Burch

Shoes :: TOMS


My Picks :: Modcloth Sale 5.15

modclothI love a great sale, especially when it’s a sale at Modcloth! Their cute and quirky clothes and accessories get to me every time. I just wanted to share some of my favorite picks from the sale that I want to add to my basket!

To see these picks plus many more awesome choices, Click Here to check out the sale! Let me know what goodies you selected!

Ends: Tuesday, 5/26 at 9 a.m. ET, 6 a.m. PT

**This post was sponsored by Modcloth. Thanks for supporting those who support Salem Style

Five Instagram Accounts I’m Heart-ing Right Now :: Part 3

Yay! You made it through the week! I don’t know about you all, but I am completely wiped. I feel like I have been so rushed around and pulled apart with this whole house hunting thing. It used to be fun, but now that it’s starting to become crunch time, I am getting nervous. Let me tell you, HGTV makes it look a lot simpler than it is!

Then I take a moment and dive into Instagram. Somehow I find a little bit of peace with scrolling through beautiful and inspiring images. Here are five more Instagram accounts that I can’t heart enough right now.










Have a great weekend <3

Inspiration in the Air


IMG_6214How cool is this art installation? This amazing aerial sculpture is brand new to Boston and is just a few blocks from my 9-5! I saw pictures of it all over instagram and facebook, and I just had to come check it out myself. It is incredibly amazing and the pictures do not do it justice at all.

As a love of yarn and fiber, I find this piece to be incredibly inspirational and moving.IMG_6228

Man was it windy out! But the large gusts of wind caused the sculpture to move so beautifully. It also was a little difficult wearing a dress, but I couldn’t resist. Ever since this dress arrived from Stitch Fix I have been waiting for a beautiful sunny day to wear it. I have also been finding that I am already living in my TOMS and I am planning on getting a few more pairs! But my favorite part of this outfit is my necklace from iCraveJewels. I love that it adds a fun pop of the color to the outfit.IMG_6245IMG_6210


Hat :: Salem Style

Necklace :: iCraveJewels

Sweater :: H&M

Dress :: Stitch Fix

Purse :: Wet Seal (old)

Shoes :: Toms


You can check out the Janet Echelman Aerial Sculpture on Rose F Kennedy Greenway from now until October 2015.


Thoughts for Today :: April 21, 2015

Did you ever have a Live Journal? I was just thinking about how blogging overall has changed. I remember going home from school and typing my thoughts for the day on a live journal, and then anticipating all of the comments from friends, as well as anonymous comments,  constantly trying to figure out who was the author.

I kind of wanted to bring that back. Well not all of it. I can leave the emo phase back in 2003. But I wanted to bring back that personal element to my blog.

The lack of general updates and consistency is because I am not sure what direction I want to go in. I know that I want to give the logo for Salem Style a new design. And I want to make a new website. Oh and I’m currently looking to buy a house in the next few months. It’s a seller’s market and currently every weekend brings disappointment. Doing the research into home buying is exhausting!

So that is what is going on. Just wanted to keep you in the loop.

Current Mood :: Hopeful :)

Currently Listening To :: Steve Miller Band

Podcast Spotlight :: Being Boss

being boss

My day job is in Boston and between walking as well as taking the commuter rail, it’s about an hour commute. I love listening to podcasts during this time because I feel like I am getting some extra value out of my time. Lately, I have been finding that they are just the motivation I need.

Being Boss is a podcast created and hosted by Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative and Emily Thompson of Indieshopography. These two lovely ladies tell it how it is, and offer real honest advice for creative entrepreneurs. Weather you have a main hustle or a side hustle, this podcast offers great content and value. Each episode goes in depth on a particular topic. Topics range from how to stay motivated, tips on branding, and my favorite: beating “fraudy feelings”.  Full episodes are published on Tuedays and minisodes are published on Friday. Even though these podcasts are being listened to by thousands of people, it always feels like Emily and Kathleen are speaking just to you. I also feel like the topics of the podcast always appear at the perfect time. I’m always like “yes! This is exactly what I’m going through!” They always end the episode with the most important message: Do the work and be boss.

They have also created a Facebook group where other creatives can connect. The group now has over 1,000 bosses in it, and is incredibly supportive. Since joining the group and being active in discussions, I have learned what I always needed to know: I am not alone.

Check out Being Boss and the Being Boss Facebook group. You’re welcome.

Touches of Texture

Salem Style :: Maison Jules – Wicked Peacock – Tory Burch – Stitch Fix - ModclothOkay Spring, very funny, you can come out now. This has been the season that will never end! Every so often we get a beautiful day, and then the next day, it’s back to freezing! We also have been getting those days where you need a winter coat in the morning and only a light jacket in the evening.

I wore this outfit to work (but I had a blazer) and I switched to this fun faux leather jacket to go to the Beauty Bash at Cambridgeside Galleria. This jacket was in one of my Stitch Fix boxes and I instantly fell in love.

Salem Style :: Maison Jules – Wicked Peacock – Tory Burch – Stitch Fix - Modcloth

Salem Style :: Maison Jules – Wicked Peacock – Tory Burch – Stitch Fix - Modcloth

If you have never tried Stitch Fix, I think you should. You fill out a comprehensive style profile and include your measurements. Then every month (or however frequently you choose) you get a box of five items especially picked out for you delivered to you home. I love that I get sent items that I would never pick out for myself, but they totally work!

Salem Style :: Maison Jules – Wicked Peacock – Tory Burch – Stitch Fix - Modcloth

Salem Style :: Maison Jules – Wicked Peacock – Tory Burch – Stitch Fix - ModclothSalem Style :: Maison Jules – Wicked Peacock – Tory Burch – Stitch Fix - Modcloth

Scarf :: Salem Style

Earrings :: c/o Wicked Peacock

Jacket :: Stitch Fix

Shirt :: Modcloth

Glasses :: Warby Parker

Leggings :: Maison Jules

Shoes :: Tory Burch

Salem Style :: Maison Jules – Wicked Peacock – Tory Burch – Stitch Fix - Modcloth