Cozy Inspiration :: Grab A Cup

cozy cup

Happy Friday!

It’s currently below freezing in the Boston area! I know we are fortunate not to be under massive amounts of snow like in upstate New York, but still! This weekend is a weekend for the cozy. Grab a cup of something hot and melt into your favorite spot. You deserve it.

I will be working on a lot of new scarves for the shop, and planning my Black Friday Weekend Sale.

sweater and cupcabin cupshandsespressowhite bedwrite sip thinkred cup


Enjoy your weekend and keep warm and cozy :)

2014 Holiday Shipping Information

holiday shipping deadline

The holidays are fast approaching! I wanted to make sure everyone knew when to order by for Salem Style holiday purchases. These deadlines are based off of the USPS First Class mail. These dates are suggestions to order by for delivery by December 25th. I cannot guarantee delivery by this day, but using these guidelines will increase your chances of receiving the package in a timely manner.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at


Thank you for supporting Salem Style and shopping handmade!!

10 Essentials for Air Travel

10 Essentials For Air Travel

Traveling can be incredibly stressful. You constantly check to make sure you packed everything and then the rest is usually out of your control.

(This list is inspired about a long weekend trip that is going to happen in oh a few hours from now…)

Here are some ideas for essentials to make your travel more comfortable and cozy.

1. Socks. This one might not seem obvious, but there is nothing more grimy than having to be barefoot on the airport floor.

2. External Phone Battery Charger. Because you don’t want to be plugged into a random outlet at the airport, make sure you charge your phone and if you can keep one of these handy.

3. Headphones. Whether you are a lucky duck and your plane has TVs, or if you’re using your own device. Headphones are a must. Bonus points because they cancel out the baby screaming in 14E.

4. Mints/Gum. Between the pressure and the dry air in the cabin, you will want to have mints or gum on hand.

5. An Adorable Sleep Mask. Because if you have one of those cute sleep masks you need to flaunt it.

6. Magazines/Books. Like real ones. I’m a big believer in turning pages and no flight attendant tells you to turn your (actual) book off.

7. A Cozy Sweater / Sweatshirt. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying to warmer climates, that plane is going to be cold. Just bring one. You’ll thank me.

8. Advil/ or whatever. Again with the change of pressure and just the environment of the plane, make sure your meds are on you. Especially if you get motion sickness, because you never know if the flight will be bumpy.

9. Water Bottle. Bring it empty and fill it up after security. Hydration is key.

10. And because I’m writing this list: Yarn!! Or if you’re not a yarn enthusiast, maybe a different project. But yea I’m the one with he metal crochet hooks that makes the metal detector freak out.


Bon Voyage :)

Getting Cozy with ModCloth

There is no turning back now. It is officially the snuggly fall season we have been craving.

Wait a minute, wasn’t it like 60 degrees out the other day? I forgot how much fall can trick you! I left my house the other morning all bundled up and I was rolling up my sleeves by noon.

The key to autumn is to layer. A good layered outfit will take you through the entire day. It will keep you warm and snug on those chilly mornings, but when you get to your boiling hot office, it will be easy to peel back the sleeves until you’re comfortable. I constantly layer and have more short sleeves and cardigans than I do regular long sleeves. Nowhere is ever the same temperature and that can get annoying.

Getting Cozy with ModCloth

I have been a fan of ModCloth for years. I constantly drool over the new arrivals page because they add tons of new stuff, every day! They’re pieces are effortless and cool and you instantly feel something when you wear them.

I chose this layered look because it is essentially my favorite vibe: “cozy chic”. I’m such a big believer at being snuggly and stylish, and I don’t think one of those things should outweigh the other. I love dark colors for fall, especially that red wine oxblood color.

I love looks where comfort meets style. It starts with a simple pair of jeans. I dressed up the jeans by adding the sleeveless top that has the bow detail. Then I added a fitted oxblood cardigan to the look that adds some color, as well as the ease of being able to add or remove it. The oxblood cardigan was my favorite, but you can check out all the different colors and fits of cardigans here:

The cardigan will fit nicely under the warm and comfy coat. I added a few fun accessories such as the cat tote and cell phone case. (Because cats are awesome and you know it). I also added a sparkly headband and some earrings to give the look a little more glam.

Check out out ModCloth for these items and much more!!

What is your go to layering look?Getting Cozy With ModCloth

Cozy Inspiration :: Rainy Days

windowInstantly whenever I wake up to a rainy morning, all I want to do is pull the covers back over my head. There is something about a chilly rainy day that makes you instantly want to curl up in cozy socks and a hot beverage. Here are some of my favorite rainy day images that give me the “comfy cozies” (like warm fuzzies, but like in the I just want to stay in bed and watch Netflix kind of way).

cozy blanket

cozy cabin

being inside

cozy nook

rainy benchfall windowwordscup and window

cozy bed



I hope you enjoyed these cozy images. Happy Friday! :)

Today I Feel Like A #GIRLBOSS

Yarn and Heels #GIRLBOSSThis past October was the best October my shop has ever seen, by far. I had a feeling that it was going well, but it wasn’t until I really started looking at the numbers that I realized this little shop is growing.


It also made me realize I don’t give myself enough credit. It’s so easy to compare yourself to what other people are doing and get discouraged. I stopped looking at what others were doing, and started comparing to only me. So with that being said, today I feel like a #GIRLBOSS.


From this point on, I am going to stop looking at the floor when people ask me about my Etsy shop and blog, and proudly say what I am achieving with confidence. I put so much love and care into every single thing that I do for this brand, and I want to show it. Never have I though of an idea and planned it out so thoroughly and have stuck with it for so long. This isn’t just a hobby or even a passion project, this is a part of who I am. Salem Style has a lot of growing to do, but I feel confident that it can grow, because I can grow.


This is a great feeling.

A #handmadeholiday giveaway!!

#handmadeholiday giveawayToday starts the handmade holiday giveaway at A Stylish Little Lady.

Salem Style has teamed up with A Stylish Little Lady to bring you a great giveaway, just in time for the holiday season! Get a boost on your holiday shopping this year and support handmade independent stores. A Stylish Little Lady

Enter to win a $50 store credit to Salem Style as well as a $50 credit from three other shops.

Click here to enter!!


National Cat Day

cozy cat bed

Happy National Cat Day!!

How could I let this day pass and not write a post about my little Holly. I adopted Holly about 3 weeks after I was out of college and living alone in my first apartment 2 hours from home. Ever since then, she has been my little buddy and best friend. Yes, she can be psychotic at times, and runs around for no reason at about 3:00 in the morning, but she is such a special little cat.

The day I adopted her, I went to a woman’s house in Swampscott because she was fostering a new litter of kittens on behalf of Friend’s of Marblehead’s Abandoned Animal Shelter. ( A no-kill non-profit animal shelter). When I reached the room there was two twin beds, where the kittens were all curled up on one of the beds. I sat down on the other one, and instantly, Holly jumped from the bed with the kittens on it, and jumped up into my lap. The woman came in and said, “She’s the friendly one of the litter, and the friendliest kitten I have seen in the 4 years I have been fostering kittens.”

I just knew this was my cat. I didn’t pick her, she chose me, and I am thankful every day for her decision.

"Hide N Seek World Champion"

“Hide N Seek World Champion”

cat tree funhiding kittencat in the windowkitty hide outIMG_7844


Stripes in Salem


This past weekend brought incredible weather. Being less than a week until Halloween, Salem was incredibly lively and busy. We had to get out of the house for a little while, and since driving was not an option, soaking up Salem won.

I bought this sweater at Shake The Tree a few weeks ago, at a great event hosted by Linda. It was between the sweater and a dress for the longest time and I got both! As soon as I tried on the sweater, I knew it was meant to be. I felt like I had already owned it since it’s incredibly soft (I shop by feel) and it had mint green in it. Sold. I see myself living in this top.





Hat: Salem Style

Necklace: c/o Boutikey

Sweater: Shake The Tree

Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Boot Cuffs: Salem Style (gotta represent)

Boots: Ralph Lauren (similar)

If you’ve been eyeing the boot cuffs or any other accessory from Salem Style, Check out Amanda’s latest post on Prim & Propah and there will be a treat in it for you.

Meet the McIntire & Essex Scarves


The McIntire Scarf in Gold

You may have already seen pictures of these scarves on various social media, but allow me to formally introduce the McIntire & Essex Scarves. Both are made with the same premium wool acrylic blend yarn and are warm and snuggly.


The McIntire Scarf in Oxblood



The McIntire Scarf in Spearmint

The McIntire Scarf is a cowl scarf that can be pulled over your head to become a hood. This scarf was inspired by the McIntire district of Salem. This neighborhood looks like it came out of a fairytale. Between the colonial houses, historic monuments, and even the details down to the lampposts, the idea of this chunky scarf reminded me of something out of a story book.


The Essex Scarf in Charcoal


The Essex Scarf in Light Gray

The Essex Scarf is an infinity scarf that wraps twice. It is thick enough to be a half hood when pulled over your head. Essex Street is one of the main streets in downtown Salem, and often the location for outdoor fairs and markets as well.


The McIntire Scarf in Gold


The Essex Scarf in Light Gray

I am constantly creating and adding more scarves! Check beck to see what’s new!


To see the available McIntire Scarves: Click Here

To see the available Essex Scarves: Click Here